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    One way, without finding a goal
    Faith, without ever believing
    Understanding, without ever asking
    Failure, without ever starting.

    The war that I saw,
    the suffering without any blood,
    was not with weapons
    was just our thoughts.

    The attacks on two, three, more sides,
    drew their paths.

    The song that I hear in my heart,
    the pain that I see,
    the conversations that can be heard,
    the doors which were never open.

    Confused and with no line, no path.
    To believe what everyone would have thought
    to understand, what everyone would have understood,
    to do what everyone would have done.

    I do not know,
    only the good will triumph.

    All sides are good,
    all sides are bad,
    Tolerance, a word of power, without limits,
    Tolerance, a word of power, without value.

    The state of the failure, the loss,
    Unbearable, but without complains,
    as we move away,
    Failed, without ever have started.

    It is the faith, without believing,
    A way without ever finding a goal.
This is a little poem I wrote. It is about the ideologic conflicts currently happen in the world. (What unfortunately happens, not how it should be)

Be tolerant, be happy and be curious.
Let us stop this mess, this war. Please.

This entry with the original German version is available on my blog.
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